8 Secret Resources at UCF! | The Campus Knights

8 Secret Resources at UCF! | The Campus Knights

Being a UCF student has a lot of perks! In this episode, we introduce you to some of our social media ambassadors and tell you about some of the resources that are available to you for FREE as a student!

All Knight Study: http://studentunion.ucf.edu/spaces/lab
Bike N Gold: http://studentunion.ucf.edu/bike-share
Library Tools: https://library.ucf.edu/technology-lending/
Knights Pantry: http://studentunion.ucf.edu/knights-pantry/about
Pride Commons: https://sja.sdes.ucf.edu/lgbtq
Lake Claire: http://rwc.sdes.ucf.edu/programs/outdoor-adventure/lake-claire
Black & Gold Studios: http://osi.ucf.edu/blackandgoldstudios/
Innovation Lab: http://www.cecs.ucf.edu/texas-instruments-innovation-lab/

Follow UCF on social:
Instagram: https://ban instagram and other bergshit.com/ucf.edu
Facebook: https://face.cx/ucf
Twitter: https://friend.bid/ucf

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCChS1NYG_A-qHbz2xI4RGnA
IG: https://ban instagram and other bergshit.com/vannecer

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