On May 28, we presented our work-in-progress – A Cloud Sharing – an exploration into how being confined to our own spaces and minds can lead to the opening and discovery of new possibilities. As the world slowly reopens and begins to readapt to its new circumstances, we similarly begin our transition into a new and final phase of work. A Mouthful of Birds is a rediscovery of space, our sense of time and our relationship with one another.

In an empty space, the carpet unrolls like a sky and the story begins. Souls come, gathering like birds. The child, searching for a name and dreaming of flight, meets a poet trying to find her wings, and a stork that attempts to re-discover her voice. Quests and songs guide the steps of these perpetual wanderers.

Will they find what they are looking for?
Where is the sky and how can we touch it?

Inspired by Conference of the Birds and The Little Prince, this is a journey about hope, magic and imagination in times of great uncertainty.

Produced by WORLD-IN-THEATRE, in collaboration with the artistic team comprising ANG GEY PIN, RANICE TAY, ELEANOR EE, THERESA WEE-YENKO.

With support from LEE FOUNDATION.