Co-op City, The Bronx | DiverseCITY

Co-op City, The Bronx | DiverseCITY

This month we visit Co-op City, as the city within the City celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this episode we learn why the Mitchell Lama development has been a success at a time when New York City is struggling to create and maintain affordable housing. We’ll meet the former head of the City’s Mitchell Lama program who’s been charged with managing the development after a scandal under the previous management company. We’ll tell you why the area’s aging population is changing the conversation about getting older. Then we go back in time for a bit of history on a rent strike that changed the course of Co-op City. Finally, we’ll hear about an oral history project that’s celebrating the first people to move into the development.

(Taped: 6/12/2019)

DiverseCITY highlights the beautiful mosaic that is New York, one neighborhood at a time. The monthly series features a bit of history, shares community issues of concern, and profiles businesses that are unique to their neighborhood. The show hopes to familiarize New Yorkers with their neighboring communities.

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