Introducing The NEW Clarkson Innovation Hub!

Introducing The NEW Clarkson Innovation Hub!

Welcome to the New Innovation Hub at Clarkson University! Opening the start of the Fall 2019 Semester, the Innovation Hub is a place for students, faculty and staff to come in and play around with their ideas. Located in the middle of Clarkson University, the hub provides a central place to congregate with like-minded individuals and subject matter experts to help elevate their idea to the next level. In addition to the on-campus hub, another facility in downtown Potsdam provides space to physically build prototypes, hold team meetings, pitch investors and propel the idea to market.

The Innovation Hub offers the Dorf Makerspace with 3D Printing & Snap On Tools, New Ignite Office Suite, Open Spaces for studying, specialty room for business incubation, Starbucks, group meeting rooms, video conferencing, touch screens, and more!

We can’t wait for you to experience the newest feature to Clarkson University!

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