University of Alabama College of Arts and Science | Wikipedia audio article

University of Alabama College of Arts and Science | Wikipedia audio article

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“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”
– Socrates

The College of Arts and Science (CAS) is the University of Alabama’s college for the liberal arts, fine arts, and sciences. It is the largest of the university’s 13 colleges, with approximately 6,600 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students. Most core curriculum classes and majors and minors are part of the college.The college employs 364 tenure-track faculty including more than 160 professors, 103 associate professors and 101 assistant professors, occupies more than 25 campus buildings, and has an annual budget of $38 million.Students from the college have won Rhodes Scholarships, Goldwater Scholarships, Truman Scholarships, and have received Jacob K. Javits Fellowships and Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships.

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